One of the underpinning beliefs of Endeavour is recognising that each young person is unique and has their own way of seeing and understanding the world around them. Endeavour uses a range of approaches and different experiences that cater to these individual needs, one of which is the Pathways to Success project.

Pathways to Success is a citywide project funded by the European Social Fund and managed by Sheffield City Council. Endeavour is the current provider of the ESF Pathways Programme.

Endeavour Training is offering your child the opportunity to take part in an exciting programme of outdoor and employability activities that are great fun, help develop teamwork and leadership skills, improve mental well-being, boost confidence and improve attainment.

Participants will be able to take part in several adventurous activities, for example: abseiling, canoeing, bushcraft, caving, climbing, navigation, mountain biking, scrambling and weaselling. There will also be an opportunity to take part in team games, employability activities and get help with CVs and job/college apps.  All activities are provided free of charge.

As an AALA licensed activity provider, all staff hold relevant NGB qualifications. All activities comply with the governments’ & National Youth Agency’s guidance on managing Covid risk.

Courses will build learners’ confidence with personal development activities, inspirational outdoor activities and aspirational career guidance and support. The overall aim is to empower young people to build self-esteem and ambition, improve engagement with education and raise future attainment.

The delivery schedule is tailored to the individual needs of all students and the number of groups referred by schools.

The programme will enable each student to:

  • Build a portfolio of successful engagement in learning, participation and career skills
  • Evidence this portfolio by obtaining relevant AQA-UAS certificates
  • Produce an up-to-date CV and Linked-In Profile that reflects their achievements (both on the course and in their wider lives)
  • Obtain a nationally recognised one-day First Aid at Work qualification – or similar nationally recognised certification (e.g. Food Health Hygiene, outdoor sports competency award) OR do second day of Personal Challenge Activities
  • Gain experience of and insight into various career opportunities, workplaces and continued education placements opportunities

Each programme will follow this approximate format:

Pre-start - Consent, PI and Action Plan forms to be completed for all participants

Day 1 - Teambuilding, Communication and Challenge activities leading to AQA-UAS certificate, British Canoeing Start Award or NICAS New Climber certificate (Full day)

Day 2 - Obtain a nationally recognised one-day First Aid at Work qualification – or similar nationally recognised certification (e.g. Food Health Hygiene, outdoor sports competency award)

Day 3 - Skills development day (e.g catering, horticulture, nature preservation, heritage skills) day leading to AQA-UAS Certificate

Day 4 - Visits to workplace and/or post-16 provider or HE visit leading to AQA-UAS certificate (Full day)

Day 5 - Transition & next steps – including employability insight videos, production of up-to-date CV, Linked-In profile and mock-interviews/presentation leading to AQA awards in use of IT & Presentation Skills (Full day).

After completing the course endeavour will maintain two-weekly contact with all learners via text and email to:

  • inform them of current opportunities for:
    • courses
    • jobs
    • volunteering
    • work experience
  • perform a safety and well-being check

Where participants respond to the contact with additional needs, Endeavour staff will provide targeted remote guidance (i.e. zoom or telephone) and feedback/proofreading services (for job applications, etc).

Outcomes for participants

As a minimum, at least 2/3 all participants will be expected to obtain:

  • 3 AQA-UAS certificates (relating to employability)
  • An up-to-date CV and Linked-In profile

Examples of Personal Challenge Activities:

  • Canoeing
  • Climbing
  • Abseiling
  • Orienteering/Navigation
  • Bushcraft (fire-making, knife skills, outdoor cooking)

Teambuilding Activities can be focussed on:

  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Planning and Review
  • Trust and Confidence
  • Cooperation and Support

Green Influencers

One of the foundational beliefs that guide the actualisation of Endeavour’s vision is using Social Action to help young people understand more about the importance of social responsibility and the value of giving something back to society.

The Green Influencers Scheme was set up by The Ernest Cook Trust (an educational charity) and is match funded with the #iWill Fund. The National Lottery Community Fund and the Department of Culture Media & Sport (DCMS) are each investing £25 million seed funding to create the #iwill Fund and The Ernest Cook Trust is acting as a match funder and awarding grants on behalf of the #iwill Fund.

Green Influencers Scheme engages with young people (Green Influencers) who are between the ages of 10-14 years old, from across England and promotes youth-led environmental social action.

We believe as you do that young people aren’t just the leaders of tomorrow - they have the energy, skills and ideas to improve society and our environment today. 4 in 10 young people aged between 10 and 20 are already taking part in youth social action – activities that make a positive difference to others or the environment. But we know that almost twice as many want to. They just need the chance.

Our Green Influencers Scheme is for young people who are passionate about making a positive environmental impact in their communities to promote youth-led environmental social action. It will provide young people with the tools and support they need to transform their lives and communities for the better. The programme will provide young people with funding and resources to volunteer and/or design and deliver social action projects to support themselves, their peers, their school and their wider communities. The Green Influencers Scheme can be run within School as part of enrichment time or extracurricular activities. The Scheme is entirely youth-led so will be designed based on their input and ideas. Some ideas for projects include:

  • Creating green spaces in school / yard
  • Planting trees around school
  • Creating a wildlife haven
  • Building eco brick structures
  • Design an environmental campaign to run in school
  • Create video and social media content to raise awareness
  • Litter picking campaigns in the local community
  • Plus opportunities for trips and visits out to local nature spots and outdoor activities

Each young person will:

  • Be a voice for young people and have their voices heard
  • Be supported to design and deliver rewarding social action projects
  • Gain confidence and experience
  • Feel empowered to influence their community
  • Increase their nature connectedness and improve mental well-being
  • Learn about environmental issues and sustainability
  • Create lasting social impact

Yorkshire Sports -Future Focus

As part of our core mission of empowering young people in Sheffield, the Future Focus programme places a significant emphasis on operating out of our very own home base here in Burngreave. 

Endeavour is located in the heart of Burngreave, one of the most deprived wards in Sheffield. Burngreave has a diverse population, with 63% of the ward from an ethnically diverse background and different areas within that ward being home to communities of particular demographics. Those demographics are some of our target audiences as they statistically face more significant barriers to participation in sport and physical activity

We work with our referral partners (local schools via the Move More Schools network, Sheffield City Council’s Leaving Care Team and Edge of Care Team, Families Together and others) to deliver outdoor-based support group activities to vulnerable young people.

Our Future Focus programme brings focus on building the confidence, skills and knowledge to enable young people to access and take part in activities under their own steam.

We offer adventurous activities such as climbing, bouldering, orienteering and canoeing on the Sheffield canal.  Where possible and appropriate we offer these activities in local easily accessible locations. In all cases, we will provide advice on how to independently access the activity locations via public transport. All our activities are both mentally and physically beneficial.  Where necessary and appropriate, we offer supported transport to allow participants to access these activities in our minibuses.

In addition to working with young people, we will involve those currently involved in the services we offer in the design of this and use local insight (HAF Consultation) to ensure that opportunities are aligned and meet the need of the local audience. We also may offer places to their parents and/or carers.  This can help reduce anxiety for young people thus facilitating their attendance and can promote healthy positive family dynamics.

Smiles 4 Miles

Our projects and activities are designed to identify, target and support some of England’s most disadvantaged, disaffected and forgotten young people. Endeavour believes every young person deserves the opportunity to achieve their full potential no matter what their past.

Our work programmes currently fall under three main categories that have been designed to help young people to develop the skills they need to face their problems, tackle issues head on and succeed where they may have previously failed.

  • Personal development; our activities empower young people to conquer their fears, to express themselves, and to trust and respect others.
  • Education; we empower young people to get the best from their education, helping them unlock their future and fulfil potential.
  • Social Action; we support young people to give something back and to become good citizens who can make a difference to the world around them.

We know that a significant percentage of young people are failing to thrive because of personal, social or community problems, not of their making, which prevents them from making the most of their education or in planning or securing a future for themselves.

We will deliver a series of 24 Outdoor Experience days for the Smiles for Miles project introducing young people to outdoor activities such as canoeing, climbing, caving, hillwalking all of which they can access in their local environment.

Our programmes of personal social development change young people’s attitudes make them more employable or enhance their capacity to benefit from further or higher education.

The programme introduces young people to new activities, broadening their horizons and building their confidence. 

We offer young people the opportunity to gain either NGB skills awards, AQA Unit Award Scheme certificates and/or a sectional DofE award, which they will be able to add to their record of achievement and use to demonstrate their achievements at job or college interviews.

By improving access to new avenues for fun and enjoyment, to personal development and confidence-building activities and to areas of natural beauty we will help improve mental health and emotional wellbeing.  Additionally, by offering young people an insight into careers in outdoor activities we will extend their aspirations and open new career paths.

Rotherham HAF

Recognising the power of individuality is a fundamental ethos of Endeavour.  And a part of that is acknowledging the value of collaboration and partnership. This project has been designed in response to feedback received from SEND young people and their carers who we worked with on our recent NLCF Covid Relief Fund work and CEC programme.

Feedback from groups has shown that the following activities were particularly successful: hill walking, navigation, orienteering, rock climbing and mountain biking Rother and Monsal.  Using their valuable feedback, we have been able to provide information on how these activities can be accessed locally for all groups.

The programme is designed to:

  • provide opportunities for young people to participate in regular outdoor sport and/or physical activities
  • to inform and educate carers about new and exciting outdoor activities that they can facilitate for their young people

All activities are designed to be enjoyable, to boost confidence, competence, understanding and knowledge and to incorporate an appropriate level of physical activity. 

Our intention will be to provide each participant, and their carer, with a 3-day activity programme within the following model:

Day 1 EngageAn easily accessible introductory session during which our facilitators can find out about participants’ interests and capabilities. For example orienteering at Greno Woods or Rother Valley, or Rother Valley accessible biking.
Day 2 ExperienceBased on what our facilitators learn in the first session about participants’ interests and capabilities, this session will be uniquely challenging and engaging. For example Win Hill climb and navigation session or Monsal Trail accessible biking.
Day 3 ExtendDuring this session, we will focus on building participants’ capability to continue accessing activities beyond the end of the programme. Whereas we may transport participants to activity locations in our minibuses during the first two stages, in this stage, we will ensure that they are able to access the activity independently – by either travelling there together on public transport or arranging to meet them at the activity location. We will also provide an information sheet to participants with all details of how to access the activity independently.  For example, local canal walks or rides from local bike hire centres.